What is AdBlock?
AdBlock extensions are the most popular extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera: Users that install AdBlock extensions avoid seeing any type of ads: Google AdSense, Facebook, display and video. Some of them think this is cool. Most users are not aware of the consequences.
How does AdBlock affect me?
When users block ads, publishers do not receive advertising revenue. The number of AdBlock users is over 6% and is increasing at over 100% annually.
What do I get from using dSero AdBlock Analytics?
dSero Anti AdBlock Analytics reveals the best kept secret in the internet industry: How many of your website visitors are not seeing ads when visiting your site.
How do I monetize AdBlock users (get the mulah)?
On the dSero plugin/module settings page, recover your site's lost revenue by submitting your email. We will notify you after we start presenting ads on your site and collecting revenue for you. Your account will increase and will be updated daily. You will be paid when your account reaches a certain level (depending on your amount of traffic).
Will dSero affect my AdSense account code?
Absolutely NOT. You will keep collecting money, as usual, directly from Google.
Does dSero work with other ad networks providers?
Yes, dSero presents call for actions only when your current ad provider is blocked. dSero Supporters has been tested with many other ad network providers and does not conflict with them. If you suspect any compatibility problems, please email [email protected].
Does dSero respect end-user privacy?
Some of your visitors use AdBlock in order to guard their privacy. dSero does not use any tracking detection regarding end-user preferences and behavior. Therefore, we respect and honor your end-user's desire for privacy while making sure that your ads are seen.
Will dSero work with my hosting package?
We work with all standard hosting packages that support WordPress. We tested dSero with many popular hosting and cloud computing companies, including GoDaddy, 1&1, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace. Of course, more advanced configurations such as VPS and VDS are also supported.
What web servers does dSero support?
dSero currently works with any leading server such as Apache, Nginx and IIS.
Does dSero affect my site's performance?
We made a concerted effort to make sure your website will work as fast as it used to. dSero performs local calls during end-user activity, and avoids database calls when possible.
Does dSero affect my site's loading time?
dSero loads ads to your pages only after the webpage has loaded successfully. This ensures that the user experience is not affected, and the loading time remains the same.
Does dSero keep my site’s look and feel?
dSero detects the white space left by the AdBlock and inserts calls for action into this space. These call for action generate income and allow us to pay you for the lost traffic. We do not change your design and we insert ads that fit your site’s original ad size.
Will my current ads keep showing to my users?
Yes, if your visitor does not use an AdBlock, they will see only your original ads. dSero calls for action are presented only to users that block your original ads by using an ad booster.
What kind of information does dSero gather from my site?
We collect only basic user basic information such as browser type and geographic location in order to improve dSero AdBlock Analytics.
When can I stop using dSero?
You can do it anytime by either changing the dSero plugin settings or by deactivating the plugin.
How often does dSero scan my site to verify that the recovered ads fit the site design?
On average, your site will be scanned once every few days, making sure the recovered ads best fit your site's latest design.
Why should I choose dSero?
  • Because there is no other way to earn money from AdBlocked traffic without affecting your end-user's experience.
  • Because dSero is so easy-to-use. Anyone - even those without a technical background - can understand and use our plugin to recover AdBlocked revenue.
  • To help keep the internet free, as it is today.
I have a feature request!
We are always open to feature requests. Please contact us with a detailed description of your request to [email protected], and we will consider including it in our plugin.
Note: These answers reflect our best understanding, but we cannot be held legally responsible or liable for them, or for their consequences. If you feel legal advice is needed, consult a lawyer.