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We customize AdBlock Monetization solutions to fit your needs on any web platform
dSero is the world leader in AdBlock monetization solutions
Our Services Scale to Your Needs:
In today’s increasingly competitive online publishing industry, publishers are losing billions of dollars due to ad-blocking traffic.
We developed AdBlock monetization solutions for publishers looking for a boost in revenue, who wish to continue delivering free content to their readers. And today, we recover millions of ad placements for publishers in 201 countries, from the United States to Malaysia.
For large publishers, we develop customized solutions to accommodate for various platforms, business models, features and pricing conditions.
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Our Premium Services Include:
Your Original Ads
Recover your site’s blocked ads with your original ads, or with any specific ads of your preference. We support leading ad servers such as OpenX and DFP and ad networks such as Google AdSense, RightMedia, Matomy and AdMeld.
Complete Custom Develpoment
Have total control over customization and development of AdBlock monetization solution for your platform, with high volume and high quality deep integration. You know what works best for your business, and we build it right.
Video Support
This premium feature recovers video ads that can be contained within other videos. In 2010, video ads accounted for 12.8% of all videos viewed. With dSero AdBlock monetization solution for Video applications, you can keep your revenue and provide the best content to your users.
Priority Service
dSero priority service means 24/7 high quality and high performance customer care with high response time. We provide best-in-class professional services, including dedicated technical support, advanced training, and revenue recovery consulting.
Toolbar, Add Ons and Apps Support
dSero custom solutions can support the needs of add-ons, extensions, apps and toolbar providers that monetize their services using ads.