Defender of the Blogosphere
What we do:
We help online publishers monetize ad-blocking traffic by building a relationship between them and their ad-blocking users creating a support environment that ad-blocking users are comfortable with.
Why we do it:
Nowadays, many users are frustrated by aggressive advertising tactics. Recently, more and more users began taking action by installing ad-blocking software that prevents any display of ads. These ad-blocking users are afraid of malicious software, mobile ads and spam, yet they love the content that they visit. We recognize the needs of ad-blocking users and provide the most effective ways for them to support their loved sites. In fact, ad-blocking users have proven to be the best supporters!
How we do it:
dSero "Supporters" is a new, adaptable and sustainable service that replaces blocked ads with relevant support opportunities. For example, we create custom images that ask users to make their future purchases on Amazon through your site. dSero aggregates the social benefit from the Supporters partners and provides you with a payment at the end of each month.
Why now?
The rate of ad blocking has increased dramatically in 2012, with over 100% more ad blocking. dSero research attributes this to: 1. Ad-blocking services are more user friendly now than ever (ad blocking has been around since 2006 - While ads haven't changed much, browsers and web stores have improved). 2. Readers feel entitled to ad-free content. 3. Over aggressive advertising bothers readers (loud, animated and obtrusive ads).